Djedi Inc. is a DevOps Consultancy based in Vancouver, helping startups with their Cloud & DevOps needs. We bring a wealth of expertise, best practices, and know-how, which took years to accumulate and master for your startup to gain right out of the gate.

Anywhere you are located, or in whichever field or industry, we will be at your service around the clock, get in touch! 

What We Do

No dedicated DevOps engineers with substantial cloud experience in your team?


No problem!

We offer various services that will make your environment on par with best-in-class Cloud-native applications, with the same stability and ongoing commitment of an in-house DevOps team, for a fraction of the cost.

Team Meeting
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Cloud Environment Bootstrapping


Account provisioning
Once you provide the basic information for engagement, we will assist in provisioning your Cloud account and assure it’s secured and ready to start building.

Compute & DB layers implementation
We will build your stack using Infrastructure as Code best practices and help you maintain it, so it’s always rebuildable, giving you the confidence to experiment, knowing that any mistake will feasibly and reliably get undone.


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